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Jānis Zemītis and Marija Tkačenko takes 28th place in Europe’s Champions Cup 2017

Posted on Oct 30, 2017 in Abroad, Bowling | 0 comments

Jānis Zemītis – 28th place out of 43 participants;
Marija Tkačenko – 28th place out of 39 participants.
The winners are  Philippa Persson un Mattias Wettrberg from Sweden.

Other medalists:

1. Philippa Persson, Sweden
2. Nicole Sanders, Holland
3. Solene Goron, France
3. Sue Abela, Malta

1. Mattias Wetterberg, Sweden
2. Antonino Fiorentino, Italy
3. Gaetan Mouveroux, France
3. Xander van Mazijk, Holland

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Bowlero Meistars 2017 results

Posted on Oct 19, 2017 in Bowling, LBT | 0 comments

Artemijs Hudjakovs wins Bowlero Meistars. 2. place Jānis Zemītis. 3. place Dmitrijs Čebotarjovs. In women’s division 1. pace Elena Blagova. 2. place Marija Tkačenko.

Results excel: -ŠEIT-
LBT Reiting: LBT_2017_reitings
Pictures here: -Bildes-

More info here:

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Diāna Zavjalova – trešā pasaules reitingā

Posted on Apr 24, 2017 in Another, Bowling, Diāna Zavjalova | 0 comments

Mūsu Diāna Zavjalova ieņem 3 vietu pasaules reitingā World Bowling Tour, piekāpjoties tikai divām amerikānietēm. Pasaules reitinga TOP 10 Diāna ir vienīgā Eiropas pārstāve.
Pasaules reitings:

Lasiet Diānas interviju Sporta Avīzei.

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European Youth Championship 2017

Posted on Apr 9, 2017 in Abroad, Bowling, Eiropas Čempionāts Jauniešiem 2017, European Youth Championship 2017 | 0 comments

European Youth Championships 2017
8.-17.2017 – Tali Bowl
Helsinki – Finland

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EYC 2019

Posted on Mar 31, 2017 in Another, Bowling, Eiropas Jauniešu Meistarsacīkstes | 0 comments

Great news form ETBF office – XXXII European Youth Championship will be held in Latvia and organized by Latvian Bowling Federation.

Competition will take place April 13-22, 2019 in the renewed “Pepsi Centrs”.

After 2 years we will get highest attention of bowling society and this is a great opportunity to increase popularity of bowling in Latvia. We all will need to work hard to make sure, that Championship is organized perfectly.

We are ready for it!

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