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About Us

Latvian Bowling Federation (LBF) is the only organization in Latvia, recognized by WTBA and ETBF. LBF is responsible for development of bowling in our country and it has rights to represent Latvia in WTBA, ETBF and other sport institutions. LBF also has rights to organize and lead all levels of bowling competitions.

LBF represents national men and women bowling teams as well as all age groups of national youth teams on official international tournaments as well as trial competitions.

The first location open for bowling in Latvia was at Jurmala recreation centre Daile. In 1979 was opened 6 lines. Unfortunately the fire accident destroyed lines and this “first bird” was closed in 1985.

Next was in 1987, when 2 lines were opened at International Sailors Centre in Riga. In November 1995 at the same location 10 private persons established Latvian Bowling Federation.

The first tournament, Riga Open championship for teams, was held in 1996.

Since 1999 Latvian national men and women teams as well as junior and youth national teams have participated regularly in European and World championships. All our participants are members of LBF.

All players, members of LBF, who compete in Latvia, have a status of amateur, because currently there is no professional league in Latvia.

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